Wait on the LORD

ced556e83ed74433b480851ff285ae92“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say on the LORD.” (Psalm 27.14 KJV)

What calamity there is that seems to follow the man after God’s own heart. Here the king faces enemies within and without. He faces difficulty from both foreigner and family. Yet, in all of his calamity the king’s faith in Yahweh is every strengthened.

Those who think that the path for followers of God will be free of snares and pitfalls are sadly mistaken. When one determines to truly seek God’s face and walk in the plain path of His righteousness difficulty and assault will be an ever present foe.

In those times let the believer echo the confident faith of the king. Let us not fear. Be assured that our salvation is of the Lord. But, how can we in the midst of such difficult times? The king gives us the key. “Wait on the LORD … and He shall strengthen thine heart.” Yet, we say, “Wait!” Is that all that there is? Are we to simply sit idly by as the enemy encompasses us? Shall we delay action as our families forsake us? Is inaction the key?

Oh how asinine that sounds, and rightly so. Thinking the text implies such is to misread its truth. The king has so much more in mind when he says “wait.” To wait in this text speaks of action. “Wait” in the original carries the idea of binding together as if twisting or platting. It is as it were a knitting of the heart and soul of humanity to Yahweh. To wait on the Lord is an intentional action of binding our will and character to His. It is a seeking and intertwining of our will and emotions to the will and character of the Lord. Waiting here is a continual drawing near to God as He draws nearer to us. It is a basking in His presence and finding ever increasing strength for the battles of the day. So, when the difficulties come and the enemies of your soul seek to destroy you there is but one action for the believer and that is to, “wait on the LORD … and He will strengthen thine heart.”

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