Letter to the Republican Party

To the esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen of the Republican Party:

Over the course of the past several years it seems that the conservative ideology upon which the party was founded has been morphed into an ideological doppelganger of the Democrat Party platform. Rather than standing firm on conservative values the Republican Party appears to have decided to present alternatives of the Democrat Party’s platform. In essence republicans have put democrats in the drives seat. To what end does this serve the party. Moreover, how does this harmonize with conservatism? The Republican Party should not be a Democrat Party lite.

Conservatives do not want our representatives to develop alternative forms of the Democrat Party’s platform. If we did we would have voted for them. We want conservatives to represent us based upon the foundational values of conservatism. We do not want an alternative to the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obama Care). We want government to get out of the way of health care and let the free market and consumers of health care determine the best practices and prices for health care.

Conservatives do not want an alternative to amnesty. We want the government to enforce immigration laws currently on the books today. The only thing broken with the current immigration system is the government bureaucracy that oversees its implementation. According to the USA Greencard Center approximately 800,000 people immigrate to the United States legally every year. People are able to immigrate legally, but many choose to break American Law and enter the country illegally. These people should not be considered victims of a broken system, but criminals who need to be returned to their country of origin.

Conservatives do not want a modified Democrat Party platform. We want representatives that understand that the greatest gift they can give to their constituents is the opportunity to live as free Americans who have been empowered to take up their God given right to pursue happiness. We want representatives who agree with the founders of this country who stated that the government’s role is to “secure these rights” rather than hinder them. We want representatives who understand that their primary responsibility is to legislate in such a way as to foster a thriving atmosphere for free market entrepreneurial enterprises.

Conservatives want representatives who understand that the Constitution of the United States is the canon by which the governing are keep in line. It is the cornerstone of the American Experiment and does not shift with the sands of time. We long for the days of Patrick Henry when men would rather die than trade freedom for tyranny.  We long for leaders who will unite us around the precepts of freedom and freedom’s God, rather than leaders who divide us by race, gender, or economic station. We want leaders who celebrate the success of the successful and inspire others to follow suit, rather than leaders who blame the successful for the lack of success by others.

Conservatives are desperately longing for representatives who will stand firm on the cornerstone of the Constitution as intended by the founders and fight ferociously for the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endowed to their constituents by their Creator. We are looking for someone who will stand in the breach of the gaping chasm of liberal progressivism and champion the cause of conservatism. Is there any one left among us who is brave enough to stand?

From a concerned citizen,

Ronnie Knight


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