Open Letter to U.S. Congress

To the U.S. Congress,

You have been given an enormous opportunity and an important responsibility by virtue of the resent midterm election results. On behalf of my fellow citizens I urge you and your fellow legislators not to squander this historic opportunity. This is your opportunity to restore the damage done to this great nation by the current administration.
For the past 6 years the President and the Democrat party have systematically legislated in contrast to the will of the people. For the past 6 years this administration has systematically trampled on the Constitution. Please hear us loud and clear. Contrary to the spin of the mainstream media, we DO NOT want you to work with the Democrat party. We DO NOT want you to compromise or present a Republican alternative to the Democrat party agenda. If we wanted more of the same we would not have flipped the balance of power in the Senate or increased the Republican influence in the House.
Do not think that you have to legislate for legislation sake. We want you to legislate responsibly beginning with legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act which we believe is the most destructive legislation since the New Deal. We know that the President will veto the legislation. Please put him on record as vetoing the bill. When he does veto the bill we want you to send legislation after legislation to his desk systematically dismantling the Affordable Care Act. This is the preeminent work we expect from this newly Republican controlled Congress. We do not care that President Obama will veto these acts. We want him on record doing so.
Once you have completed this task we want you to get the federal government out of our way so that we may prosper individually and nationally. We only expect legislation that will facilitate an atmosphere of freedom that will allow the capitalistic engine of the free market to create jobs and restore our economy to its former glory. We DO NOT want a Republican version of immigration reform. We want you to protect our boarders and see to it that the immigration laws currently on the books are enforced by the executive branch. We want you to protect our Constitution and reinvigorate the notion of American exceptionalism: The idea that this country is unique and exceptional in its founding, ideology, and influence in this world by virtue of the exceptional success and freedom this nation has enjoyed and facilitated globally.

There has never been a nation in all of history that has accomplished so much in so short a time as America. There has never been another nation in history to have championed freedom for all of humanity like America. There has never been a super power in all of history which has been so responsible and so benevolent with the power and influence than America. That is why America is exceptional. We expect you to keep her that way.
We will give you a progress report in November 8, 2016.
Ronnie J. Knight, Jr.