MSNBC Calls Ben Carson a “Safe Negro”


MSNBC Personality Calls Ben Carson a Safe Negro:

Ronnie Knight – 6 Nov 2015 – Eclectic, AL

There is a terribly disparaging idiopathic belief on the Left which suggests many conservatives merely support Dr. Ben Carson because he is a comfortable “Safe Negro” who can attack President Obama without the racial kickback feared by white conservatives. The credulity of the left wing in this country never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately I think they are fabricating a narrative rather than falling victim to naiveté. While I understand that racism still exists in this country, it is clear to me that the fires of racial tension are being stocked heavily by the hands of the left wing. This white man is sick and tired of being maligned by the left wing because of my race. This white man is sick and tired of being labeled as a racist merely for disagreeing with the worldview and political agenda of a democratic president who happens to be black. Moreover, this Alabamian is sick and tired of being arbitrarily assumed guilty of racism because of the absolutely unholy and sinful atrocities against black people which were perpetrated by whites under the democratic leadership of people like George Wallace. Alabamians of the past were guilty of injustices and horrible brutality, but Alabamians of the 21st century have come a long way since those days. Yes, many Alabamians, and Americans, have a long way to go, but as a whole we have made great progress with each generation to overcome the sins of our fathers. So, do not malign me because of your presuppositional view of my ethnicity and geographical location.

In spite of what the left may think, I know that when I look at a candidate like Dr. Ben Carson the degree of melanin in his skin is the last thing on my mind. The first thing that attracted me to Dr. Carson was his inspirational life story. Long before he decided to run for president I fell in love with the man and his story. His life epitomizes the American Dream.  He is an inspiration because of his great accomplishments in spite of the poverty in to which he was born.

Once he decided to run as president it was his worldview, not the pigment of his skin, which attracted me to him as a candidate. He resonates with me because of his beliefs, both spiritually and politically. Moreover, I was impressed by his character and humility. Finally, I do appreciate his ethnicity. He is an inspiration to me and should be an inspiration to all men especially black men. He overcame the demons of poverty. He overcame the demons of racism. He overcame the demons within by the grace of God. He should be an inspiration to all men regardless of their degree of melanin. He is an inspiration to the human race. I love him because of who he is; what he believes; and what he can do to restore this nation to its former greatness. #StayinitBen