Meditations in Matthew – Day 18

“Whoever humbles himself as this little child …”

(Matthew 18.4)

Success today is based upon one’s ability to accumulate wealth or status. Many in our society boast of their greatness and success. The key letters in the word team for many are M. E. Jesus’ disciples, driven by their carnal concept of success, posed a question to Jesus revealing our human drive to be exalted. They wanted to know who would be the greatest in the Kingdom of God. The answer they received was not consistent with our human understanding of greatness.

Jesus revealed to them that Kingdom greatness is determined in a radically different way than worldly greatness. The measurement of greatness in God’s Kingdom is determined by the measure of humility found in the nature of the man. If I want to be great in the eyes of God then I must be humble before God and man. I must humble myself as a little child.

Grace to all,



Meditations in Matthew – Day 17

“Arise and do not be afraid”

(Matthew 17.7)

In the midst of adversity and uncertainty I often find myself in a state of fear. In order to overcome fear I must understand that fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. “Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things not seen.” Faith is about hope and security. Fear is the uncertainty of things to come and the insecurity of things not yet revealed. Faith focuses on the fact that God is in control of the future. Fear focuses on the fact that I am not in control of the future.

Fear is a spirit and God has not given His children the spirit of fear. He has given us faith which leads to security and soundness of mind. I do not have to live in fear. I don’t have to be terrified of the unknown, because, greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world. If I find myself afraid and uncertain I need only turn to Jesus. He wants to reach out and touch my spirit. He is saying to me “Arise and do not be afraid,” I am with you.

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 16

“But who do you say that I am”

(Matthew 16.15)

Jesus asked His disciples a question that is still debated today. The question was, “Who do men say that I am?” Ironically their answer to this question is very similar to the answers given by many still today. Many view Jesus as a prophet, teacher, or simply a good man. However, Jesus understood that it did not matter who men as a whole said that He was. He knew that what really mattered was how individual men and women answer this question. This led Him to ask them the most important question of their lives: “But, who do you say that I am?”

How I answer this second question is of eternal consequence. Men see Jesus in different lights, but how I see Him will determine my eternal destiny. Peter understood the question and he answered with faith stating that Jesus is the “Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus is still asking every man, woman, and child today, “Who do you say that I am?”

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 15

“And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.” (Matthew 15.9)

The fundamental element of Christian faith is the authority of God’s Word. There is no middle ground here. Either God’s Word is the sole authority or it is not. Either the Bible is God’s Word or it is not. Where I stand on this issue will determine my stability or lack thereof in faith.

The sad truth of the matter is that many “Christians” pick and choose what they consider to be authoritative in the Bible. Others exalt the traditions of men to an equal level of authority as the Word of God. If I want to experience steadfastness of faith, a life of peace, a life of joy, and a life of purpose; then I must understand the nature of God’s Word. God’s Word is the sole authority for life and faith. The door way towards instability is the one that leads to a foundation built upon the traditions and commandments of men. The door to steadfastness and peace hinges on the sole authority of God’s Word – the Bible.

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 14

“Bring them here to Me‟

(Matthew 14.18)

Jesus taught His disciples a very important lesson in the feeding of the five thousand. The disciples felt that what they had was inadequate to meet the needs of the people. They were correct. It was! But, what they did not realize was that Jesus only needs my willingness and obedience to accomplish the task at hand.

This day He taught the disciples that if they would bring what they had then He would take it and multiply it. He would allow them to accomplish more than the task to which they were called. Today God is asking me to bring Him what I have in my hands and let Him multiply it and use it for His glory. If I will give Him all that I have He will make me everything He wants me to be.

When God calls me to a specific task I need only to look to Him. No matter how insignificant I may appear, if I will look to Him and surrender to Him, He will use whatever it is that I have for His glory.

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 13

“… Sold all that he had and bought it …”
(Matthew 13.46)

Who does not want peace, joy, and security in their
lives? All of us want these virtues. We are compelled by
society to find these virtues in the material realm. We
play the market. We buy low and sell high hoping to
make a profit.  

Society tries to sell us on the lie that money equals
peace, joy, and security, but God’s Word says that it is
not the economy stupid. If I want peace and happiness in
my life I must seek it from God. Jesus Christ said that
He came that we might have life and have it more

Here’s the question; “How do I find this peace, joy, and
security of an abundant life?” I can only find the life I’m
seeking when I am willing to sell everything I have. The
point of this text is not that I must take a vow of poverty
and become a hermit. The point of the passage is that I
must be willing to let go of my stuff and grab hold of
that which is most precious. I must be willing to release
materialism in order to relish the Master. When I do this
I will find the “Pearl of Great Price” in a relationship
with Jesus Christ.

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 12

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth
speaks.”(Matthew 12.34)

Someone has said that if you want to know who you
are listen to what you say. The character of a person is
revealed by the over flow of the heart. The Bible tells
us “that whatsoever a man thinks in his heart so is he.” 

We must take intentional steps to guard the integrity
of our spirit. If we constantly feed on the junk food of
Hollywood, magazines and newspapers we will speak
and act out of the overflow of our heart, becoming bad
fruit. If you want to walk and talk like Jesus then you
must feast on the goodness of the Word of God.  

Jesus challenges us to make the fruit of our tree godly,
because the tree is known by its fruit. I must ask
myself, “What kind of fruit am I producing?” What
type of fruit am I bearing with my life? If I want to
bear godly fruit then I must be careful what I feed my
heart. “For out of the abundance of the heart the
mouth speaks.”

Grace to all,