Meditations in Matthew – Day 30

“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

(Matthew 28.20)

This is a comfort and a caution to me. When I am in times of despair it is comforting to know that my Lord is always with me. When I am lonely He is there to be my companion. When I am sick He is there to be my physician. When I am weak He is there to be my strength. When I am afraid He is there to be my courage. He is with me always. That comforts me beyond words.

However, I must be reminded that He is also there when I am in the midst of sin. When I chose to go my way instead of His way He is there to see my betrayal. When I wear the banner of Christianity and enter the caverns of sin He is there to see me fail.

Yet, when I reach my heart towards Him in remorse and repentance, He is there to take me in His arms and restore me. He is there to clean me up and wipe away the tears. He is there to love me and lead me home. He is “always with me, even to the end of the age.”

Grace to all,



Meditations in Matthew – Day 29

“Great joy…”

(Matthew 28.8)

I can rejoice in the fact that I serve a risen Savior. My Lord is not in a tomb, but in the throne room of glory. I can rejoice that my salvation is secure because my Savior completed His work. I can rejoice in the fact that death has no hold on me. I can rejoice in the fact that my sin debt is paid and I have been set free from its burden and control.

I can rejoice because my Lord is interceding on my behalf every moment of every day. I can rejoice because I have an eternal Advocate. I can rejoice because my Lord is preparing a place for me in His Kingdom. I can rejoice because the risen Lord is going to return for His children and bring them eternal rest. I can rejoice because the sufferings I may endure today cannot compare to the glory of my eternal home. I can rejoice because my Savior lives in my life. “Rejoice.”

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 28

“It is as you say”

(Matthew 27.11)

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews. Not only is He King of the Jews; He is King of Kings. However, it is not His declaration as King that establishes my eternal destiny. It is as I say. I must confess that He is King of kings and Lord of lords if I want to enter into that state of eternal rest.

The world constantly asks the question, “Who is Jesus?” Yet, we must realize that it is not a matter of importance to know who men say that He is. The most important truth is who I say that He is. If I want to enter into the abundance of life offered to me by God; if I want to enter into eternal rest offered to me by God, then I must turn the focus from what others say about Jesus to what I say about Him. My eternal destiny is not determined by what others have said, but, “It is as I say.” What about you? Have you come to the place in your life where you have surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord of your life?

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 27

“Lord, is it I?”
(Matthew 26.27)

Lord, is my life betraying you? I must search my
heart daily not for salvation because that is secure,
but for areas where I may be betraying my faith. I
must seek diligently to see whether or not I am
being totally devoted to Christ. Lord, reveal to me
the areas where I may be dipping my hand in the
dish with You and putting it in the dish of
worldliness as well.

If I want to be pure before my Lord I must eat only
from His table. There is no room for other
engagements. His Word must be my diet. I can only
develop spiritually if I eat from His table. I must fill
myself regularly with the meat of His Word so that I
will not be tempted to splurge on the junk food of
worldly philosophies. Help me Lord not to be a
double dipper. 

Grace to all,


Meditations in Matthew – Day 26

“And those who were ready went in … and the
door was shut”(Matthew 25.20)

The greatest lie the devil has ever told me is that I
have plenty of time. I have time to do what my soul
desires before I seek what God desires. What I must
understand, however, is that time is on God’s side  not mine. My life is merely a blip in eternity. God’s
time table is very different from mine. He has set  His agenda and He knows the outcome of every  event.  

I, on the other hand, do not know His time frame
nor can I even be sure that my plans will be  established today not to mention tomorrow. If I  want to see God at work in my life I must seize the
day, because I don’t know when He is coming.  

Therefore, I must make every day count for His
glory so that I will not be caught empty handed in  His sight. Today is the day I must choose to serve  God because one day the door will be shut and no  more will be allowed to enter. Today is the day of salvation. Don’t let it slip away. Come to Christ now. Don’t put it off any longer. 

Grace to all, 


Meditations in Matthew – Day 25

“My words will by no means pass away”
(Matthew 24.35)

While my words may be forgotten shortly after they
have been spoken, God’s Words endure. While my
words may color the truth to my favor, God’s
Words tell the pure truth. His Words cut away the
fat and reveal the meat of every matter.  

God’s eternal Word lights a clear path for me to
follow. When my way gets tough I need only bury
myself in His Word. While I will not find a magic
formula for success, I will find guidance for my

My words will cloud my path. The words of my
fellow man will sometimes cloud my path. God’s
Word will always reveal truth to direct my path.
God’s Word is eternal. It is the sole authority for
life and faith. It will endure forever.

Grace to all, 


Meditations in Matthew – Day 24

“They bind heavy burdens … and lay them on men’s shoulders”

(Matthew 23.4)

In order to enjoy the freedom I am promised in Christ I must understand the difference in religion and relationship. Religion is binding. Religion is rigid. Religion is burdensome. Religion causes me to take up the double yoke of legalism and ritualism. Religion forces me into a prefab box rather than allowing the master potter to sculpt me into the image He desires for me.

If I want true freedom; if I want rest and peace; I must forsake religion for a relationship with Jesus Christ. When I enter into a love relationship with Christ He removes the yoke of religion and replaces it with His yoke. A relationship with Christ will allow me to grow into the beautiful being that God has intended from before the beginning of time.

Religion is a dead end street to endless burden, but a relationship with Christ is a joyful journey to an abundant life in the here and the hereafter. This by no means is a license to live however we want to live. Our love of Christ will compel us to yield to the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit who will conform us into the image of our Savior. By renewing our minds and helping us to mortify the old man and walk in the newness of the life and light of Christ in us. This is not because of religious duty, but because of a right relationship with a Holy God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Grace to all,