Fear Not

“… ‘Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife …’”
(Matthew 1.20)

God often calls us to walk in circumstances which seem contrary to social norms. He often
chooses to work out His will in ways that seem inconsistent with the common views of  power and success. When God works in these unlikely circumstances He expects His  children to walk in obedience after Him.  

Yet, many times we become more concerned with the uncertainty we see in the circumstance rather
than the consistency we have always seen in the Creator. We often become more concerned about the opinion of those on the outside looking in rather than focusing on the one who is the Sovereign  ruler of the universe. How often have we missed the front line blessings of serving God because we were afraid of the uncommon circumstances in which He has chosen to work? His plea to His child  is simply, “do not be afraid,” trust Me and experience the joy of life that follows obedience to My will.

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The Problem is the Fall not a flag. 

As our nation grieves over the tragic events in Charleston, SC, the debate has taken a sharp political turn. First, the POTUS quickly used the event to posture for political gain over more gun controll. Secondly, many have turned their attention to the “Congrferate” flag as a symbol of racism. While one may make a compelling argument to the fact that Dylann Roof should not have had access to a gun, however, guns are not the real issue. Moreover, it is undeniable the “Confederate” flag has been used by many as a symbol of their racists ideology, however, flags are not the real problem. 

The problem in this world is depravity. Dylann Roof did what he did because he is a depraved human being who’s soul is desperately wicked. He did what he did because he was conceived in sin and born in iniquity. Before, you are pridefully seated in the saddle of the high horse of pride, my dear friend I remind you that you too are equally depraved. In fact all of humanity suffers from the same sin sick soul. 

When our federal head Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden his sinful guilt was imputed to his posterity in perpetuity. Adam’s seed is destined to depravity and all of the consequences thereof. Everyone of us has been mared by the blight of sin and left to ourselves will act accordingly. Unfortunately, we don’t need outside stimuli to influence us to evil, although such stimuli does reenforce the natural evil desires of our heart.

Man has killed his fellow man because of his innate hatred since the days of Cain and Able, long before gun or flag. Therefore, no matter how many more gun control laws man puts on his law books he will not and cannot cure himself of his sin sick depravety. No matter how many flags man prohibits from display he will never cure himself of his depraved nature. He will continue to be driven by his sin sick soul and go on loving himself more that he loves his neighbor. 

The only cure for sin is the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The only path to peace us through the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ. Man will only be changed when he is changred from the inside out through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit of God. Our only hope is the gospel of Jesus Christ. There must be a change of Federal Headship. Men must repent of their sin and believe the gospel of Christ. Men must belive that “He who knew no sin , became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Cor 5:21). Men must be born again. In that moment a great transformation takes place. In that moment the Righteousness of Christ is imputed unto us and we are translated from death to life. In that moment we are transferred from the Federal Headship of Adam to the Federal Headship of Christ. In that moment for the first time in our lives we have the ability to love as God intended for us to love. 

If we want to see this world changed we must pray that all men everywhere hear the clarion cry of the Gospel of Christ and that every man everywhere pledges his allegiance to the Kingdom of God under the Banner of Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria, 

Ronnie Kinght

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“Don’t Tarnish the Dream”

“On MLK Day, racial equality found wanting,” was the head line on a recent post by the Pew Research Center. The post was based on a 2013 survey that indicated 45% of Americans believed that we have not reached MLK’s “Dream.” The most telling issue in the survey seems to be the parsing of the survey based on the color of a person’s skin and their political affiliation.  The reality, however, is that 81% of all those surveyed believed that progress toward racial equality has been made. Even 71% of Blacks and Hispanics believed the same. When parsed over political affiliation over 80% of both parties and independents agreed that progress toward racial equality has been made. Moreover, a decide majority believed that racial and ethnic groups get along pretty well to very well. Yet, the perception among nearly 80% of blacks is that a lot more work towards equality needs to be done.

I guess the old adage that “perception is reality” rings true today. The reality is that MLK’s dream was not that all men would be continuously parsed by race, but that one day we would realized that there is only one race – the human race. MLK’s dream was not that all men should be pressed into the same status of life, but that all men would be given the equal freedom to pursue their unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. MLK’s dream was that all men irrespective of their race would be judged by character and not “color.”

I, like the majority of those surveyed, think that we have made great strides in reaching MLK’s dream. We live in a country where people of all races, because of their character and hard work, have achieved greatness. The most pointed example of this is Barack Hussein Obama. I live in the state where MLK made his famous march from Selma to Montgomery. I grew up in the after math of integration. I saw the linger tension. However, I personally know of very few people that automatically discredit and devalue a person because of the amount of melanin in their skin. Is racism still around? Yes! Is their work to be done? Yes! But, we have made great strides towards realizing that we are all one race and that character is more important than degrees of color.

Unfortunately, the merchants of racism and their liberal media allies continue to facilitate the perception of increasing racial tension in America. Sadly, we cannot expect that perception to change when the highest ranking person of “color” in our country publically states that the reason people like him or dislike him as president is based upon his race. Could it be, Mr. President, that the American people are actually living MLK’s dream and judging you by the content of your character? Is it not possible that people who think you are a great president do so because they agree with you political agenda? Conversely, is it not possible that those who don’t like you as a president do not agree with you political agenda? Is it too difficult to think that we have actual followed MLK’s advice and we just don’t like your ideology and/or certain aspects of your character?

It is sad to see those of whom Dr. King dreamed continually attempting to dismantle that dream. It is disgusting to see those whom Dr. King dreamed about continually peddle racism for financial and personal gain. On this day we celebrate the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Is it too much to ask that we, just this one time, honestly celebrate the reality of how much progress we have made as a people and honestly admit that there is still room for progress.


Ronnie J. Knight, Jr.